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We offer networking services for business Offices & home. Whether you need a best network for your business and home to share Computers, Printers and Internet access, fault-tolerant and secure setup for your business, we can help.

Networking Setup & Support Services (partial list)    
·         Routers   & Switches
·         Network Cabling
·         Wall Jacks / Paneling
·         Network Repair and Testing

The Fahari Co. (T) Limited Co. Provide excellent various service and Support in East Africa. as: -
  • Structure Cabling
  • Network Designing, Implementing
  • Installation and Supporting of LAN / WAN Networking
  • Network Cable Management Solutions
  • Devices and Network Upgrading
  • Fiber Technologies (Splicing, Troubleshooting & Connectivity) 

Structure Cabling - for Telephone, Voice, Data and all Networking Installations. Installs of Data Centers, Server Rooms, MDF, IDF, Relays, Patch Panels, Raceway Solutions and Cable Management.

Our Service and Support Include:
  • We keep your IT network reliable and running at peak performance
  • We save you money by keeping your company online
  • We give you peace of mind knowing that your network is secure and protected
  • On-site and Remote Support
  • Working Days Remote Monitoring
  • Proactive Desktop and Server Management
  • Strategic Planning (Network, Computer and other device)
  • Labeling for your devices
  • E-mail and Virus Protection

Network Support Agreement
One of the services that make up most of our business is Network Support agreements.
We feel that if companies can rely on an external source to maintain their network, then it takes away one of the biggest strains of running a business. Right from start to finish, we fully design and customize your network and fully manage and maintain it so that you don’t have to.

To make sure that downtime is minimized, our network support engineers constantly monitor all of our networks to insure that if ever there is a problem, we normally know about it before you do.

Why Is Network Cable Management Necessary for your office Cabling?

Cable Management is very important at every place we go but in case of handling Computer Networks, it has much more importance. Computer Network is a combination of different hardware components to interconnect a number of computers for sharing information and resources. Any two computers connected to each other with anything sharing through any channel will be called a computer network and this number can be any number of computer and other peripherals.

Cable Management begins actually when the construction starts keeping in mind all of our present requirements as well as possible provisions for future extension in case of any addition of equipment’s. In parallel it has to be concerned with the troubleshooting, replacing or addition of new connections, providing sufficient protection to cables and wires. According to wiring standards, different treatments have to be given to cables carrying power from those carrying other signals. We need to identify all these sections and accordingly all the arrangements for wiring have to be designed.

In Computer Networks, cable management has to be done in such a way that all the cables coming from it should reach the client computers considering the following points

  • Server machines being very sophisticated and sensitive, they have to be kept in a very structured manner and the wires coming out from it has to be kept very neatly and tidily. Server enclosures racks are used to house them with proper ventilation and having cable slots for adding removing cables without disturbing servers.
  • Length of cables should be minimum to avoid any data loss and also as cost factor
  • Cables should not bend when travelling from one place to other place.
  • It should not be exposed to open and it should not be affected by normal human traffic and human traffic should also not be disturbed by cables.
  • Proper cover and protectors to be used for protecting them from damages
  • To avoid the electromagnetic interference power cables has not been laid with other data cables or they should not cross each other by any angle other than right angle.
  • Coding of each cable for identification during installation or troubleshooting.

 Looking at all these requirements we have the following tools for cable management for computer networks –

Patch Cords Cat5E or Cat6 – Electrical or optical cable used to connect one computer to another for signal routing, different type of devices like router or switches also can be connected. Cat5E and Cat6 are the most common used type with a slight difference of speed and frequency.


Networking Tools – Wire Stripper, Crimping Tools, Punch Down tools and network tester are the most common tools for networking.

Patch Panels – Patch Panel is a panel of different networking ports contained together for routing cable to different devices. This panel makes the arrangement of different circuits by plugging or unplugging patch cords. 

RJ 45 Jacks and modular plugs – Modular connectors, for balancing signal transmission of insertion loss and crosstalk, can be combined with wall plates, surface boxes or patch panel.

Neat Patch Cable Storage Manager – An ideal solution for bundling and storing a large amount of cables, used by different networks, into an organized and neat compartment.

Junction boxes – Junction boxes are used where wire from different circuits are coming to one common point, can be concealed easily in wall with just the outer lid visible which can be opened anytime without disturbing the complete concealed wire.

       Wiring Ducts – Very flexible way of bundling and routing of loose wires, comes with fingered wall for taking any connection out without any complication.

Wall Plates – wall plates can be taken as the final place of cables terminating at user end with a socket mounted on it, and patch cord be taken out from it by simply inserting the jack into it. Unplugging is also very simple.

Velcro – Velcro is a temporary and instant solution for bundling cables generally used for conference rooms where the needs may be temporary as well as uncertain.

One of the common place tasks that The Network Team does for our customers is cable clean up.  Below, you can see a recent photo of a BEFORE and AFTER server rooms, Offices for our clients.  Our Engineer Mosses Shio took several hours to re-organize the cables. That made sure that network upgrades not only increase the quality of the user experience, but it also makes the network look good and nit.

Benefits of better cable management include:
  1. Easier maintenance
  2. Reduced signal interference
  3. Shorter time to re-organize
  4. Longer-lasting cables
  5. When planning your racks, there are several common sense thoughts to keep in mind that will make organizing easier.

When planning your racks and cabling, or Connecting Network computers make sure to think about future growth.  Keep in mind the need for future network components and even more racks. more computer or other devices.

Identifying Cables 

This will make it easier to change configurations, troubleshooting or anything when you need to.
Make sure to follow industry and federal, state and local guidelines for cabling.  This will increase safety and could help minimize system downtime.

The Network Team takes pride in providing complete customer satisfaction.  Contact us at +255 (0) 745 222 780 or +255 (0) 713 222 705 or Email Us on: for more information on how we can improve your network performance.

We can help you on this to you sever rooms network cabinets.

 We've all seen it, a network cabling closet that looks like a giant plate of spaghetti! It may work just fine for a while, but when something goes wrong and a technician has to troubleshoot your issue, a network cabling closet that is messy will cost your company dearly in hourly labor charges just to trace out what network cable goes to what device.

A neat, organized network cabling installation not only saves you money by making it easier for a service technician to troubleshoot any issues you may have but it can also make it easier for in house staff to move things around. A properly installed network cabling closet will have each and every cable labelled at BOTH ENDS, so network outlet “4” in your office corresponds to network port “4” in the closet, and so forth. No need to trace wires.

Our team is committed to providing technology solutions of the highest quality within the timeframes and budget constraints our customers require. As an integrator of structured cabling systems, our goal is to ensure that the optimal solution is developed when you need it.

We design and installs various cable management solutions that provide structural support to organize, store and secure your cabling. We have a highly trained technical field staff who are dedicated solely to providing real-time response to customers’ requests for service.

  • We will gladly coordinate with you to schedule projects that need to be completed outside of normal business hours in order to minimize interruptions to your business.
  • We provide you a single point of contact who will keep you apprised of all progress and ensure that your service requirements are completed on schedule and according to plan.
  • We take great pride in providing structured cabling solutions that come with extensive manufacturer warranties as well as our unmatched “Lifetime Quality Workmanship Warranty”.
  • Wire Management Systems include horizontal & vertical cable management for your free standing equipment racks or cabinet enclosures. This helps organize cables and cords throughout your network

This also is server room with full cabling installation to different device, the proper cabling efficient Network System performance. we upgrade the Network cable from CAT5e to CAT6e standards for efficient connectivity solution. for Voice and Data Connectivity.

When Installed by us. all copper cabling solutions are installed, tested, and certified to meet or exceed the latest standards specifications.

We make you able to see which cable connect to which device with specific labeling.

The Rack Cabinet 42 U has been installed Servers  but look for the before on right and after on left you can recognize our professional technician with the best cabling management for the good arrangement.

this help of recognize the connectivity from one device to another and reduce the interference.

we advise you to come to us and we assure you we will make changes and reduce cost of maintenance every day.

Many Offices Computer tables look rough with Network and power cables which may cause some damages or distract you from your daily duties

we assure you to maintain the neat cable installed in your desk-office and make your office or home looking smart

everyone must work in peace and happy place to minimize space and time for you jobs.

Network Installation and Design

Our network installation and design process begins with information gathering sessions between you and our team. Most often, our Team to determine what currently is in place and assess areas requiring change. IT Team do the best they can at delivering a current “state of the network” to determine questions and answer sessions. We offer a free two-hour network assessment to establish the state of the network and make recommendations for change.

Once IT information gathering is complete, we find greatest success by speaking directly with business leaders in the organization who do not know the intricacies of IT but are most interested in business success and know what the desired outcomes need to be for everyone to conclude that investing in a new network is a good idea. With input from both business leaders and IT groups, we can create a thoughtful design to be presentable to decision makers. In an ideal design, company has enough information to deliver both network costs and return on investment information, with pricing available in both a purchase or lease model.

Our designs are good as long the business and technical requirements remain constant. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that our engineers uncover all facts, from all stakeholders, before presenting a design.

Company’s intention is lifestyle design, installation and support. We will implement the design that will usually include both product and professional services, as well as support it for the life of the equipment. Most solutions require a hybrid blend of vendor products to achieve the desired business result, and our supports all products and services it recommends. We provide both on-site and online remote support options as part of all its offerings.

Peace of Mind, Lower Cost, Better Services, Happy Staffs.

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